The Growing Climate Rights Movement

The Growing Climate Rights Movement By Alyssa Johl As the international community prepares for the Paris Climate Agreement to take effect on November 4, there are many reasons to celebrate this historic moment. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon shared his reflections: “What once seemed unthinkable is now unstoppable. Strong international support for the Paris Agreement entering into force … Continued

Road Sharing Movement – June 28, 2016

Road sharing movement update – June 28, 2016   13.1 SEMI FINAL ROAD SHARING MOVEMENT – jUNE 28, 2016 Attachments 13.1 SEMI FINAL ROAD SHARING MOVEMENT – jUNE 28, 2016 (3 MB)


May 21st, 2016 12:33 AM A hardly-known provision in the law that allows the people to initiate the enactment of laws is being tested in one of the prime tourist destinations of Cebu province, Bantayan Island, by advocates of a revolutionary proposal on how to use the country’s roads and reduce  pollution—equal sharing of streets … Continued

Earth Day Celebration of the SEA CAMP

My dear Friends:   Hello from Bantayan Island.   Remembering you, and sending this humble invitation to fun activities next week in the SEA CAMP (Sea and Earth Advocates of Culture, Arts, and Music for the Planet).   Even if you are 10,000 miles away, please know that you will be with us in the … Continued

Shooting Stars and Dancing Fish Book

7.1-STORY OF CHILDREN AND THE FORESTS Attachments 0.01-COVER PAGE (136 kB)0.01-COVER PAGE (135 kB)0.1-DEDICATION PAGE (4 kB)0.1-PREFACE-Poetry in Motion (176 kB)0.3-TABLE OF CONTENTS (112 kB)1.0-PAINTINGS ON CAVE WALLS (428 kB)2-THE LAW OF LIFE (486 kB)3.0-OUR ROLE ON EARTH (289 kB)4.0-STORY OF A MARINER (750 kB)5.0-ECONOMICS AS TUBERCULOSIS (444 kB)6.0-PERLAS DEL MAR (285 kB)7.0-WAR STORIES (71 … Continued

Bulong ng Kalikasan-Lyrics

BULONg ng kalikasan PPT as of Jan 19, 2013 Attachments BULONg ng kalikasan PPT as of Jan 19, 2013 (3 MB)